Attractions in and around Eshowe

  • 800m from Dhlinza Aerial board walk (20m high tower overlooking the canopy of trees.
  • Vukaniu Museum, Norwegian Missionary Museum, Fort Nongqayi (Zululand Historical Museum).
  • The battlefields (a day tour can be arranged)
  • Shops, Banks and Post Office.
  • Self walk forest trails in the Dhlinza and Entumeni forests
  • Within 5kms of sporting facilities (Bowls, Squash, Canoeing, Fishing, Gym, Tennis, 18 Hole Golf Course.
  • Zululand birding route
  • Phobane Lake (bass fishing)
  • Shakaland
  • Skikanye crafts (a world of beads)
  • Game reserves

Things to do in and around Eshowe

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